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Siargao: The Ultimate Surfing Experience (Part 1)

My first visit in Siargao was a grand experience to remember. Given that I am just a six hour bus ride away from Surigao City, I never had a chance to visit the famous island until a collaborative plan with a friend Mervin or Pinoy Adventurista was placed into reality. I was anxious to go there but good thing we met some local residence and active surfers Janice and Kyong that gave us an idea on things we could expect from  the island.

Day 1: From Abode to Surigao City

Coming from San Miguel, Surigao del Sur, I jumped into an eight hour bus ride bound for Surigao City. We arrived almost noon and it was an unfortunate day that we missed t the last boat bound for Dapa, Siargao. Janice tried to negotiate with other private boat operators for a special trip but with no luck, we just postponed our trip first thing in the morning and made an advance purchase of tickets at BritPhils for the ferry that leaves  at 5:00am

Stranded in Surigao City

For the mean time, we scouted the small city of Surigao also known as the gateway to the islands of Visayas due to its proximity coming from Northern Mindanao. We look into various pasalubong shops, restaurants and stop over for a coffee break at Island Restaurant adjacent to city’s grandstand.

After an hour of wandering, we went to my favorite part of the city- the foot reflexology at the heart of the park. The local reflexologists in the heart of the city plaza are known to be the devotee  of the now installed second Filipino Saint Pedro Calungsod. 

For first timer to experience foot reflex, the pain is really excruciating and unbearable. But after the 30 minute session, the pain will be replaced with a full relief as if you were rejuvenated from a very stressful day. There is no fix amount for the service, you just have to donate any amount you feel that fits the service provided by the reflexologist.

At night, we had a gut fulfilling dinner in one of the best barbeque houses in the City- Same Place Grill House together with Surigao based  fellow blogger Nathalie of My Wandering Soles

Coincidently, it was also Mervin's Birthday so we went to  Alcatraz Bar to celebrate together with a few friends of Nathalie where we met also another fellow blogger Jeffrey Rilles. After a couple of beers , we decided to retire in one of the affordable “okay” hotel near the port-Aden Hotel for only Php680.00 good for two occupants.

Day 2: Surigao City to Siargao Island

We woke up at 4:00am and went to  BritPhil Ferry scheduled  first trip bound for Siargao. The fare  was Php 250.00.

Together with new found friends Janice and Kyong, we arrived in Dapa port at 8:00am. We took a habal habal for Php 300.00 to transport us to Gen. Luna and checked in at Ocean Pacific Inn for Php 500.00 a night. The inn was only 50 meters away from the boardwalk leading to the surfing area.

The surfing sites in Siargao are at the front of boardwalk approximately 100 meters from the shore. The waves are of different characters with names like Jack Horse, Quick Silver and the famous Cloud 9.

The 15 foot-giant wave of Siargao in Brgy Gen. Luna appears at the start of the ‘ber’ months but you can still enjoy surfing all year round. 

Surfing is Love

As a newbie in surfing, I requested for an instructor to teach me the means and ways of surfing. It was a trial and error at first but I got lucky on my second attempt. I felt the rush of adrenalin as I kept my balance standing on top of  the surf board over the raging waves.

According to my instructor I did an amazing job for a beginner. That comment inspired  me to try more, and more and more, and this time the nervousness was completely gone and what has remained was the addiction of multiple attempts of successful surf. Though I have fell on most of my attempts the joy and lesson from the activity was incomparable.

At dinner, we enjoyed our delicious prepared crabs. It was so tasty that even a smallest fiber of it did not escape my taste bud. Tired and delighted with our food we slept early while s summer rain poured down so heavily. Chilling.

Day 3: Unfortunate Events at the End of the Trip

We left the Inn the next morning and tried to catch the first ferry bound for Surigao City. Along the way, one of the wheels of the habal habal we were riding on have gone flat, then followed by  heavy rain  .What a series of unfortunate event that was. We hurried walking towards the direction of the port. Luckily a pickup truck passed by and we requested  the  driver (a foreigner)  if we could hitch going to the port. He never hesitated saying YES. We made it to the port, soaking wet together with dozens of passengers that have not anticipated the heavy rain . It may look like a series of unfortunate events but the true essence of adventures was there. The ferry left at 5:00am and arrived in Surigao City at 7:00am.

Personal Itinerary

Time Schedule
Travel Cost
Day 1(Saturday)

PHP       88.00
BXU to Surigao City
Terminal to Pier
Lunch @ lola’s canteen
Check in @ Aden Pension/Inn
Coffee @Island Resto
Dinner @Same Place Grill
Gimik @ Alcatraz bar
Day 2 (Sunday)

Surigao to Siargao Island  ( BritPhil)
Dapa to Luna  (Habal habal)
Check in @ Ocean Pacific Inn (Accommodation and  Lunch

Surfing lesson with instructor and board rental
Day 3 (Monday)

Gen.Luna to Dapa Port Habal Habal
Dapa to Surigao City (Dapa Express)

PHP  3,402.00

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  1. hahaha nakakarelate naman ako sa post na to Dennis:) I've also experienced that reflex in Luneta Park of Surigao jejeje masakit pero sarap! huhuhu my fave crabs- sarap db?

  2. A traveler's spirit will never tire away, especially if it's meant to face a ton of thrilling adventures! :) Haaay... 30% of me wants to try surfing me. But I don't think I'll ever pursue it! :) So kudos to you for doing it well on your 2nd attempt! :)

  3. Ayyyy! Ang saya niyan ah. Surfing is love lalo na at sa Siargao pa <3

    At ang swerte mo naman, isang bus ride ka lang diyan andun ka na :)

  4. Why does it take 8 hours to travel from Surigao del Sur to Surigao City? Is it really far?

    I've always wanted to go to Siargao and try surfing there but I've had hesitations knowing that the waves in Siargao are really big. I might not be able to manage. But you inspired me. I'm fine with the P500 instructor's fee and board rental.

    But my gosh, I was surprised at the P300 habal-habal fare. Is there any other way to get there aside from habal-habal? I had a motorcycle accident which makes me really nervous to ride HH. And I think P300 is too much... Any alternative?

  5. Love that foot massage there! Very relaxing after a hard day of surfing. :)

  6. At least, you were able to try surfing. It's one of the activities I have yet to try. It's good that you were also able to hitch a ride to the ferry.

  7. Such a lively place for adventurists, surfers, action seekers and food lovers too...

  8. given the opportunity I would like to try surfing. it seems like a very fun sport/hobby though little pricey. hehe.. You sure had an adventure there.

  9. I read a lot of nice things about Siargao, surfers' haven! Your blog provides me another image of Mindanao which is very much different from the war-torn Mindanao that I see on the news.

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  11. you can wait for the multicab at the public market but it will take hours. they have to wait for passengers until it is full ... and of course it is inconvinient... the 300 is shared with your companions... the travel will last for 30 minutes which is quite a distance going to GL.

  12. it is quite a ride too ... a little bit far from my place ... have to endure 8 hour bus ride coming from my place going to Surigao city... plus 2 hour boat ride to Dapa , siargao island...but worth it :D

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    and what more if I could experience it in Siargao,
    Surprisingly you were able to encapsulate this post into a short one..
    I would have flip out If I were to cover many days in one post.
    I've only met a few PTB on the road, I guess lucky you were with Pinoy Adventurista..
    I still remember him posting a photo having that massage, BDay nya pa pala. :)

    Would like to see more of your post! Love Mindanao!

  17. yes it was an adventurous trip :D

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