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Butuan's Big Flat Bread and it's Croc Pizza

In the early 16th century the word "flat bread" is referred to the now common  pizza of the modern world. But back then, flat breads are considered as peasants’ food and not even regard as a regular recipe in any of chef's kitchen. But just like other things on earth, nothing is permanent in this world as this bread evolved to a different style of preparations and SIZES.

Big Flat Bread is a new evolving pizza house and offers an extra ordinary label that would change your view about pizza parlor.

Along J.C.Aquino Street in Butuan City, I bumped with Big Flat Bread with the invitation of a friend. Curious with what they can offer I browsed into their menu and was surprised with the food selections  I can choose from. 

My eyes feasted on the different mouth watering dishes ranging from flat breads, buffalo chicken wings, pasta, desserts, beverages and so forth and so on.  

I was also amused the way their pizzas were labeled .They have the top rated very spicy HANGOVER PIZZA which according to their staff is best paired  with a very very chilling below zero cold beer; the best selling Godfather Pizza ; the  Balls and Stripes and the ever famous Knickerbockers just  to name a few.

Judging the resto's interior, I found the beige chairs and tables accentuated with red bricked walls as appetite engaging to my eyes,  making  me feel hungry down to the end of my gut.

The place made me believe like I was dining in one of the “sosyal” resto in the metro and  has reminded me of the classy atmosphere of  Bonifacio Global City's  High Street. 

The store is also Wi-Fi ready for you to connect with your favorite social media while waiting for your order to be served.

My Ultimate Encounter with CROCS PIZZA 

In every place and establishment  I pop in, I frequently look for the "top selling" and the "unusual" the "house" offers. First is the "UNUSUAL". Reading from their menu, I locked my eyes into something I have not tried before, so I ordered the intriguing CROCS PIZZA! Hola !… I have tried and have eaten a lot of exotic foods before but never a crocodile meat as toppings on a pizza bread.

As an environmental advocate by degree and nature, it made me hesitate to  munch on this special type of pizza . But as I asked the source of their meat , the manager explicitly explained that the meat came from the cultured bred from Palawan which is allowed by  law. Crocodiles are being cultured for their thick expensive leather skin to create bags , belts and wallets.To maximize this resource, other restos in Palawan including BFB make use of innovation, converting the meat  for a dish instead of taking it into waste. That sounds fair enough!

The pizza  was served with lots of spices and it was somehow almost similar to eating a very spicy Sisig only  the meat was so tender yet crunchy with a very distinctive taste at the end. It was generally sumptuous, exotic and left me wanting for MORE. 

Second is the best seller HOT HOT HOT BUFFALO WINGS. The dish did not fail my very sensitive buds as the spicy chicken really kicked my appetite to the top. This was  was best paired  with a  shot of BELOW ZERO BEER to tone down  the hot and  sizzling spices .

Generally the resto lived up to its name as the serving starts with BIG, BIGGER and BIGGEST sizes at a very affordable prices .

For a regular single customer who wishes to satisfy an instant hunger, the store offers some sort of a value meal for as low as Php 88.00. 

They also have Party Packs that will surely be enjoyed by a group of barkadas/friends or with your entire (extended) family for as low as Php 878.00 (4-6 pax) to Php 2,438.00 (10-14 pax) 

What makes BFB Different?

According to their manager/owner, the difference of the store among others is the way they  bake the dough of their pizza.It is being cooked under the hood utilizing  the original ways of baking  which is aided with red hot bricks that has been a traditional practice  in Europe ever since. The bricks somehow added up to the authenticity of the flavor and the aroma of their sumptuous thin crusted pizza.

Another reason making this restaurant a sure hit in town is because of the now trending BELOW ZERO BEERS placed under a specialized type of cooler/freezer. So far this is the only establishment in Northern Mindanao that serves the  new trending Below Zero Beers. The liquid beer literally turned into icicles, quenching the ultimate thirst from the usual warm climate  in the city. For beer lovers, they would surely enjoy a bucket of iced cold beer for only Php 235.00

This is also the only pizza house in Mindanao that  literally rock you with its  gimmicks and events that are surely a smash with your barkada . It is now becoming a regular tambayan  or favorite hangout among the nocturnal groups for some chatting while enjoying some rockin' or serenading music in the resto.

Last August 16, the management even imported a DJ from Cebu for the amusement of its patrons.Check their FB page BFB Big FlatBreads to see more of the BFB prices , promos , events and  updates.  


They do free delivery as well within the city and accept major credit cards.

Big Flat Bread

198 J.C. Aquino Avenue, 8600 Butuan City ( Adjacent to Butuan’s famous Aling Cora Restaurant, fronting Butuan Doctors Hospital)

For Delivery and Reservation :
Phone +63917.707.0232 / (085) 341.9000

Store Hours:
Mon- Thu-Sun:  10:00am -10:00pm
Fri- Sat           :     10:00am -12:00mn


  1. WendellGlennDrWendsCagapeAugust 29, 2012 at 9:32 AM

    I would love to try this in Butuan. Nice post. Nung last time na andun ako, wala pa ata to eh.

  2. it was a new experience to taste a croc's meat .... the meat came from palawan's cultured bred and instead of throwing away the meat they find a way to turn it into something useful ... next time pag balik mo sa Butuan try mo yan ...:D

  3. I would definitely want an order of the croc pizza.

  4. Croc pizza? Now that's something I really got to try. I'll definitely try to get some when I have the chance to visit Butuan. You mentioned it can be really spicy? Is it possible to ask them to adjust the heat?

  5. I haven't been to Butuan yet and when I do this place is in my list of must visit =)

  6. yes Adeline , you can request that to the chef.. they love to hear from the suggestions of their customers :D

  7. via PALAGUTOM | Oh my! Crocs geeezzz! Is the demand for crocodile meat in Agusan getting higher because of that? LOL! Crocs can eat man but we can also eat them, lol. :)

  8. I love Buffalo Wings! But I love the idea of having it on my pizza even more :) Its really a good partner for cold beer :)

  9. Nakakain na ako ng croco Sisig, croco egg omelet sa Crocodile Park d2 sa Davao..hmmmm must try itong croco pizza sa Butuan.

  10. OMG! kainis naman.. there will be a little percentage that I can try this! I hope they would put up a branch here in NCR O_O

  11. wow! if they have that spicy foods i can go and eat there! looks yumymum! xx

  12. Wow, Croc Pizza! Never tried to eat exotic food myself except for balut.

    Sana meron din nyan dito sa manila :D

  13. the croc pizza is so exotic, but by the look of it with all those cheese I think I will definitely enjoy this pizza, hope we get this kind of pizza here in Manila!

  14. Ang sarap tingnan! I would have to make up for all the calories if I go pig out in this joint!

  15. I've never heard of Crocs Pizza until now. Do they also taste like chicken?

  16. Ding | The Pinoy ExplorerSeptember 23, 2012 at 11:42 PM

    You know what? I have never explored Butuan city that much kahit 3x na ako pumunta. kasi naman our partners would treat us for dinner, so need na mag-laag pa...hehehe. Next time, I will do a walking tour ng hahuntingin ko ang croc na ito!

  17. kudos sir maky and the entire BFB DBS group :-)

  18. croc on pizza... wow. When does this place hit Manila? :)

  19. so far , it is based off of manila .. but maybe you can check it out when you are in Butuan or in Palawan ... tastes great :D