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Zamboanga’s Pasonanca Park

This place is far  from the tourism complex of Zamboanga City. I took a jeepney with a sign board "Pasonanca" from the busy street of the city near the public market. Unaware of what to expect, I just asked the driver to drop me at Ma. Clara Lobregat Garden. After 15 minutes, I was already at my target area, I paid Php 10.00. The garden is a peaceful park with lush green vegetation. It is somehow similar to the Japanese garden of Luneta only it has different sections: Aviary, Butterfly Garden, Pasonanca Pool, and Tree Park.

Butterfly Garden.

It is a small sanctuary for breeding beautiful and colorful butterflies.  Most of the plants inside the garden are citrus which a favorite diet of the caterpillar prior to the formation of cocoons to undergo metamorphosis. Hundreds of eggs can be seen underneath the leaves of the plants indicating good breeding capacity of the area. Entrance is Php 10.00

The Aviary

Chrysolophus pictus                                                                               Alocasia sp.
Downhill of the garden lies the aviary. Most of the birds are on cages. Some of species found are birds of prey that include hawks and owls. There are also unusual species like the Reeve’s pheasant and the famous and colorful peacock.  The aviary is also accentuated with different ornamental plants and gigantic trees. According to the caretaker most of it was transferred from a nearby mountain in Pasonanca. I even saw a peculiar species of Alocasia. Entrance fee is Php5.00

Pasonanca Pool
Eutrophic pool of Pasonanca (During hot summer)

I followed the paved trail downhill. After 5 minutes of trekking I saw children running towards a common destination. It was a pool in the middle of the park. One said it has been there for decades and with an entrance fee of Php 10.00 it has become a favorite hangout among the youth of Zamboanga City. Though the water is a little euthrophic, dress code for swimming is strictly implemented.

Pasonanca Tree House

Tree house landmark in Pasonanca
The tree house is much talked about in the area and got me curious to find it . Walking for 20 minutes, I finally reached the location of the said landmark. It was a single tree house beside  Camp Jose Atilano, home base for Boy Scout of the Philippines in Zamboanga. This is also a youth citizenship training center. According to the attendant, the tree house can be rented on special occasions like wedding. I took a look by the window and saw that it has a complete amenities for a room suited for a couple. It was a perfect romantic place to spend time with your love ones, only be careful with the semi spiral staircase going up.
Metal tent houses for youth training camp

Camp Jose T. Atilano

Not too far from the tree house I saw dozens of triangular metal shape structures on the lawn fronting the administration building. These are actually tent for participants during youth training customized out of metal to protect the occupants from stray bullets from military exercises in the nearby areas.

After I had much of the park, I met a local who got intrigued on my picture taking activity. I told him that I am heading back to the city but has no idea on what to do next. He told me that the inauguration of the dancing fountain is set in about 2 hours and he is bound towards Paseo del Mar. He offered me a ride on his bike back to the city. (Transportation fee=LIBRE!)

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  4. Wow, I like the butterfly garden and the tree house. Hindi naman pala kalayuan ang place from Complex of Zamboanga City. Pwede rin itong maging tourist spot because the place are awesome and look fresh.

  5. I've read so many reviews about Zamboanga City. I am hoping to be able to visit the place some day. :)