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The Sleeping Dinosaur of Mati

In my previous land travels, I have encountered many rock formations and even unique landscapes and I thought I had seen it all not until I had a quick visit in the City of Mati, Davao Oriental. Coming from Davao City, we took a Bachelor bus and traveled for almost 4 hours before reaching the boundary of Davao Oriental and Campostela Valley. 

In the zigzag road along the gulf of Mati, a strange land formation resembling a giant sleeping dinosaur was seen. It was in the middle of the sea and with remarkable features with head lying down and flippers visible on both sides. It would make you think that it was an old relic of a giant reptile that was stuck in the ocean with dusts and soil weather through millions of year. This land formation is another landmark of the city that Matians should be  very proud of. 


  1. yes it isn't in the boundary... i mentioned it took us 4 hours before we reached the boundary, but the landformation is along the gulf of Mati, Davao Oriental :D

  2. Sir, this is NOT within the boundary of Davao Oriental and ComVal (as you mentioned) thanks!