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Saturday, July 28, 2012

MATI Escapade in Davao Oriental

Mati is a lone city of Davao Oriental in which the name was derived from the town’s creek Maa-ti that easily dries up. Pioneer settlers are the Kalagans (same inhabitants of Caraga Region and Misamis), Mandayan and Maranao. This city maybe a silent place but roar loudly when you experience some of its ecological jewels.

Unknown to many, Mati presents earthly pristine beauty from the lush green forest, wide valleys and white sand beaches.

Personal Experiences and Activities:

  1. Skim Boarding: the Dahican Style (click)
  2. Beach Bumming in Pujada Island (click)
  3. Admiring the ParadiseWaniban Island (click)
  4. SleepingDinosaur of Mati (click)

Getting there

Coming from Butuan or Northern Mindanao

Take a Bachelor bus heading for Davao. Alight at Tagum Integrated Terminal Station. Take A bus bound  for Mati . Bus fare is around Php500.00.  From Mati Bus Terminal hire a habal habal (motorcycle) to take you to Brgy. Tamisan for the island tour- (Waniban, Pujada and Sleeping Dinosaur) and to Dahican Beach for the ultimate surfing experience (note: island tour is not established yet in the area, so taking a boat requires thorough negotiation and haggling)

Coming from Davao City

From the Ecoland Bus Terminal Station , directly hop to Mati Bachelor bus. Bus leaves every hour bound for Mati. Fare is around Php 200.00

Personal Itinerary:

Time Schedule
Travel Cost
Davao to Mati BusTerminal
Php  250.00
Breakfast and Wash up
Habal Habal to Brgy. Tamisan (special tour)
Boat ride to Pujada Island ( Including Waniban)
Boat ride to Waniban Island

Lunch and Beach, Beach & Beach
Boat ride back to Brgy.Tamisan
Side trip to Cinco Masao
Skim boarding in Dahican (tutorial/rental)
Mati ER Mall van terminal
Back to Davao City



  1. I read several articles about Mati in relation to surfing. This place must truy be a must-visit specifically for this activity.

  2. Hahaii gusto ko to gawin this summer, pero papano. sigh nalang ako. pero one day alam ko punta ako dyan and i know summer will be the best time. :)

  3. hahahah ... yayain na ang mga friends and GORA na !

  4. so how do i get a reservation ???

  5. hi ej ... no need for reservation ... just get there and enjoy the place :D

  6. kung gikan sa cagayan de oro ang itinerary where mi manukad para maka adto sa Mati bus terminal? salamat.

  7. hi maxi , thanks for dropping by . If you are coming from CDO through Rural bus you will alight in Ecoland Bus Terminal in Davao and in the same terminal there are Bachelor buses directly bound for Mati.

  8. HI may updated itenirary po kayo ng Pujada at Waniban ? thanks.

  9. Hi @Morris, so far that's what I have. It's all based on my impulsive way of traveling...but you can always make some adjustments based on your need,


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